Sunday, November 27, 2011

harimau malaya :)


hello everyone :) let me begin by saying that i am totally do not have any mood  to write in blog..but i am just want to express my feelings :(
hey dude.. why u want to blame to the is not our luck ok.they have done a good job right although i think it is a silly mistakes maybe our player think that they already can win this tournament or in the other words over confident ..but we as a MALAYSIAN should support our team although they won or not, hey if u do not want to support them please shut up your mouth..please do not insult them..i am begging to your all..please instill your moral in your heart..i ashamed with our attitudes.i do not want to blame anyone but just want to remind ourselves that we are a community..we live in same country although we come from different races ..I like with this statement "Jika xmampu menyokong ketika kalah, jangan bersorak ketika menang." yeah..i am totally agree with this statement..

For our team..congratulations for you all..I know that you all already do your best..i do not care either you all win or not ..just take a rest and remember the intensity of your desires decides the speed of your success.. do not care about their says but i think it is just their opinion..take them as a motivation and challenges to do the best in the future..good luck.. hee..i know that all of you do not know me but what should i care..i love our team..:) go go chaiyoo!!