Tuesday, December 13, 2011

kami pulang ye :D

lawalah tarikh hari ini 13.12.11.:)
erm,tapi bukan pasal tarikh aku nak cerita nie..
i just want to say that i will come back to my home in batu!!
i will miss my baby very much..:D
muhd zainie wafiyuddin hilmi :D
he is born on 23.11.2011. :)
cute kan saya ??of course he is..:D you all can can me affi :) i am the youngest brother in my family :)
bertambah-tambahlah hero di dalam family aku.:)boleh buat skuad harimau malayalah tak lama lagi :)
never mine affi..sooner or later you will came back to the village patient okey my dear..

to my beloved sister :) affi's mama ...:D
tak maulah sedih-sedih..mak atuk balik sekejap jer.. nanti tak comel..:)
be strong ya sis..:) i want to accompany you but i do not know how to cook and i also scared if i am burden you..:) however you also know how lazy i am..haha :) as our mum says i have a big letter M in my life..:)

last but not least i want to say goodbye to my beloved sister..akak tersayang ke??err..terlepas..haha..:P
this is because she will flies to melaka..dekat je pun..if i were in your place,of courselah i will go back to my home everyday..:P haha..good luck okey.she will takes diploma in electrical engineering for 1 year only.
jangan nakal-nakal.. you will miss me very much :) mestilah sebab takda sapa-sapa nak gaduh dengan kau kecuali aku..hahaha :P akulah adik akulah musuh akulah kekasih kau..:P
akulah segala-galanya kan..hahaha :P dont ever forget your pray :)
remember that please stay healthy. :D kau dah gemuk kan :P hahaha..
i will pray for your best :)

my buchuk :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

kebosanan melanda :/

assalamualaikum :)

hai everyone :) 
as usual i am free with anythings :) this is because i am enjoying my holidays for 3 months okey..hee..untunglah kan kau cuti  lama sampai assignments no quiz no tutorial and that is more important no class..:) after this if you still say that you did not have any rest you are a liar..and for your information i really appreciate this holidays :) i do not find any jobs compared to the other friends..duduk melepak je aku tiap-tiap hari..:)

then my beloved sister ask me to follow her to do a preparation for her to go to the Polikteknik  Merlimau this December..erghhh..malasnya!!i do not want to follow her but i think she always there when i need her the most so I insist myself to follow her..see..i love you lah kak..:) you must know how deep in my heart this love just only for you..apa aku mengarut ntah ni

we almost done our jobs at 11 am so that means that we still have 2 hours to wait my brother to fetch us at we just sit in kfc and then taking some pictures..i see kfc workers look very tired..their manager scold them..kesian beb..taapelah korang cari rezeki yang halal..aku faham perasaan korang sebab aku pun pernah dimalukan masa aku berkerja kat kedai makan.